Music & Entertainment

Antique Guitar in front of a sheet of music - there is a variety of entertainment at a Chapters Evening MUSIC TIMES
Chapters Music licence requires all noise pollution to cease at Midnight on the day of the event.

You are welcome to arrange you own DJ for your event, we do however require proof of Public Liability Insurances along with up-to-date P.A.T documentation of any electrical equipment 2 weeks in advance of the event for our own insurance purposes.
Chapters does not accept responsibility to non-attendance of any entertainment persons booked, Chapters will however endeavour to help on the night in these circumstances.
Please refer to Access Times Section for important information for setting up and access to Chapters.

Please go to Useful Links to find details of DJ’s Chapters have approved Public Liability with. All arrangements & payments are made direct with the DJ.

You may hire Chapters DJ equipment to play your own pre organised playlist for £30.00
We are equipped for all devices with an audio lead; please bring other connectors if your IPod, Laptop, or Mobile Phone uses different type of cable.

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